Hi, my name is Andreas. I’m 29. Father of one. I work and live in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a trained Service Designer.

This website is considered an introductory service to who I am and what I do. And please, do not hesitate to get in touch.

I currently run my own digital strategic consultancy – Agile Squad – with my partner Alexander Brandi.

My previous business experience has since 2015 been with Green Tech Challenge, a young company that I co-built and scaled, with the aim of making green business good business. I played a crucial role in expanding to both Germany and Portugal, being the lead designer in charge of innovation, successful customer journeys, and strategic business development through a human-centered approach.

I also mentor students and advise staff at TURBO, previously Copenhagen Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centre.

Lastly, I do public speaking and guest lectures covering topics on design thinking, service design, pretotyping and business experiments, innovation and entrepreneurship. Most recently at the Global Service Jam in Copenhagen, at momondo.

Furthermore, I mentor and advise thesis students as well as numerous startups on process optimisation, generation and synthesis of user insights, how to progress confidently and embrace failures, and how to strategise based on insights rather than assumptions.

Crucial to my work is the principles and methodology of service design.

Service design offers an elastic zoom-in/zoom-out perspective on any context, organisation, problem, product or service. I am capable of zooming in on a specific user, her needs in a specific moment in her daily life. On the other hand I am able to zoom-out and look at overlapping and interacting eco-systems of organisations and services, societies and countries. By being adaptive in my approach, I can apply my process of abductive thinking to anything and everything, and be confident in progressing forward. Moving between the different levels of zoom is what service design brings to the table, alongside more tangible deliverables such as unique user insights, visualisations of customer journeys, personas and service blueprints.

Reach out if you wanna talk 🙂

Email or call me (+45 29 87 03 42)
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